El amar de la mar

From the capital Valverde, a road runs along the south-eastern coast of El Hierro through small villages and ends at Las Playas, the bay south of the Roque de la Bonanza. There are a handful of houses at Las Playas, among which El amar de la mar, and at the most southern side of the bay, the Parador de El Hierro (part of the chain of Spanish luxury hotels, famous for the unique locations and architecture). Las Playas is a natural reserve.

El amar de la mar is a sizeable villa, built against the mountain, ca 200 meters from the beach. It consists of one-and-a-half floor. The top floor contains a large living room with built-in kitchen, three bedrooms/studios, and a bathroom. A large terrace surrounds the living room on two sides, granting a spectacular view of the sea and the bay. Next to the house is a garden, especially created with indigenous plants that need little care. The lower floor contains the reservoir for rain water, the garage and a guest room with bathroom.

El amar de la mar was built in 1998 and is now offered for sale by the children of the first owner. It was designed in close collaboration with an architect, in a style that is at once modern and in perfect harmony with its surroundings. The diagonal position to the sea ensures there is always a secluded place to sit around the house. The presence of the Parador in the bay ensures that the road to Valverde and utilities as electricity and water are always in working order, and repaired quickly in the (rare) cases of temporary failure. The house is in good condition; only the garden has been neglected.

To potential buyers, we offer the possibility to rent the house for a limited period of time.

Asking price 440 000 euro